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A laptop screen displaying a graphA laptop screen displaying a graph

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Our Data and Analytics Services focus on understanding the behaviours of your users to help improve their experience of using your systems.

To do this we build KPI tracking into your system form first principles and cascade this into business objectives, user goals, conversion metrics and reports.

We deliver digital marketing ready systems with foundational SEO designed in from the start based on early SEO audit and research.

We will help you unlock the value of your data and develop evidence based insights by combining many forms of data from disparate sources and delivering this into your preferred BI and visualisation tools to support your data ops, analysts and decision makers.

We help you migrate your existing data and content seamlessly while keeping your search equity intact.

We keep you on the right side of  legislation by understanding the data protection landscape and helping you manage risk.

A business meeting where people are reviewing documents
A business meeting where people are reviewing documents

Services &

Managed Analytics

Performance management is built into your system through a series of workshops and processes that start with your Business and System Goals through Business Process Mapping,User Journey KPI’s, conversion funnels & site analytics configuration. We provide you with a monthly performance audit with KPI tracking and actionable insights using Google Looker and Google Analytics.

Insights & Visualisation

We acquire, cleanse and structure data from a huge range of system, geospatial, surveys, open and public data sources and deliver these into Continuous Data Pipelines, Visualisation and BI tools to support your DataOps and decision makers.

SEO Services

We provide you with Digital Marketing ready systems by designing foundational SEO into your system from first principles. This includes Content& Site Audit, Keyword & Search String Research, Ranking Analysis and Competitor Research that lead to defining your SEO strategy.

Website & data Migration

Helping you transfer domains, migrate data and content while ensuring that your valuable SEO search equity and most engaging content remains intact.

Data Governance

Our combination of technical skills and regulatoryknowledge within the UK, GDPR and International Data Security jurisdictions will help you ensure consistent, reliable, and continuous adherence to privacy and data protection requirements. We identify and mitigate the data security risks and support you in defining, documenting, and presenting data classification, reasons for processing and consent flows for the user types.

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