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A selection screenshots from our mobile app The Feel Good HubA selection screenshots from our mobile app The Feel Good Hub

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It's often tempting for innovators to jump to an 'obvious' solution too early. However, succumbing to this temptation can often lead to a painful discovery that what's obvious to the innovator may not meet with the needs of users.

This is why we insist on utilising User Centred design methodologies through the entire design and build process, removing guesswork and risk of project failure.

Every design choice we recommend is based on consistent and informed research data – we call this 'Evidence Led Design'.

Combining desk research and Co-Design, we conduct workshops directly with your users and work through the evidence with you in a Co-Creation process.

This means that you are in control of the definition of your solution, determining the priority of features and functions based on evidence and insights from users.

Throughout the design process we collaborate with you, your customers and stakeholders using efficient, online collaboration, prototyping and design verification testing (DVT) platforms.

A user sitting at her desk looking at a mobile phone
A user sitting at her desk looking at a mobile phone

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Co-Design & Co-Creation

We use both in-person and remote Co-Creation and Co-Design processes to really understand what’s 'perfect' for your users and stakeholders. This helps you to deliver genuine user value, defines your roadmap and dramatically improves your chances of success.

Collaborative UI/UX Design

We encourage you to stay in lock step with us throughout the UI/UX design process using online design platforms such as we value a fully integrated approach from clients and provide easy ways to collect regular feedback from multiple stakeholders.

Design for Accessibility

We use primary and secondary user research to truly understand the accessibility needs of users and work this into product from the very start with an accessible design system and component library. We use a combination of internal QA audit checklists and automated tools such as Google Lighthouse and to perform accessibility audits against WCAG 2.1 AA.

Public Service Design

Ember Technology was the first commercial organisation to deliver a public digital service under the Scottish Government Digital Standard. Our public service design process aligns perfectly with Discovery, Alpha, Beta and Live phasing models.

Rapid Prototyping

For rapid prototyping we use a range of online tools such as and which provide for direct design collaboration and rapid testing of specific prototype workflows with overlayed instructions and feedback questions.

Live Design Testing

There’s only one way to truly test a design concept – and that’s live unassisted use by a genuine user. For live, unassisted Design Verification Testing we use as it provides facilities for recording, usage analysis usage and embedded feedback.

Design System

For brand and consistency within navigation and usability, we use a Design System approach. This means that create and embed a User Interface Kit that underpins the navigation hierachy to build common patterns, typography, button styles, form fields, and other interactive elements aligned with your brand guidelines.

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