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Creating outstanding products and services through human-centred design and technology

Based in central Fife, between Edinburgh and Dundee, Ember Technology is a software development company focused on using technology to tackle major societal issues through innovative application of technology. Here we’d like to tell you a bit about the character and culture of our company to give you a flavour of what it’s like to work with us.


When we started Ember we wanted to create a great place to work, we wanted to build a company where people feel they can grow and have a sense of belonging. We support our people to develop to their full potential in every role - operating a flat organisational structure that provides career development for new entrants and the opportunity for self-expression for more seasoned professionals.

We get involved in our community – offering a pathway into work for young people, recruiting from local Universities and Colleges and providing our expertise to local Charities and community initiatives that support employability, health & wellbeing and tackle issues like digital exclusion.


Our people and clients feel our authenticity and generosity of spirit when they meet us, our culture is warm and down to earth. We develop meaningful relationships by walking a mile in the shoes of our clients, their customers, and stakeholders. This is why our clients and our people tend to stay with us for a long time.


Technology companies tend to get carried away with ‘technology’. At Ember we get carried away with humanisation first and technology second. Whether we are transforming processes or disrupting industry sectors we are driven by improving outcomes - using our engineering skills, experience, ingenuity and technology to take our clients further forward than they thought possible and a culture of innovation that delivers long lasting value. We hope that you will see a combination of commercial, technical and design innovation in our case studies.

Working with us

We go above and beyond to support our clients as a trusted, enthusiastic technology partner with essential contributions to their activities like business planning, product strategy, fund raising and responding to commercial opportunities. For many of our clients we become their defacto technical team with relationships lasting for many years.

Our inter-personal style is open, relaxed, and down to earth and you will find us very easy to get on with. However, we are also frank, direct, and persuasive where required and predominantly concerned with maximising the value that we can deliver for our clients. We expect our clients to find engagement with us focused, interesting and enlightening, sometimes challenging – but rarely formulaic and definitely fun!

Our services

Digital Service Standard Framework

Developing highly innovative digital solutions and propositions that transform organisations, industry sectors and user behaviours. Ensuring that your solutions are truly engaging and exist command value within their ecosystem.

Data Analytics

All of our design recommendations are guided by extensive user research and verification testing. We use carefully crafted Co-design, Co-creation and Collaboration processes to characterise your user’s needs and help you make informed design decisions.

Software Development

Agile, quality assured development of business-critical systems using a wide range of open source and proprietary technology stacks as well as our own micro-service based code libraries and frameworks.

User Research & Design

Providing native Cloud based solutions and helping clients move existing services to a SaaS, PaaS and IaaS models to make your online services more secure, scalable, accessible and cost effective.

Innovation & Commercialisation

Using data to help you understand your users and improve their experience of using your systems. Helping you unlock the value of your data by developing evidence based visualisations and insights from a huge range of system and public data sources.

Hosting & Infrastructure

Supporting our public sector clients through the UK Digita Servicel Standard compliant Discovery, Alpha, Beta and Live project phases to deliver highly compelling, all citizen accessible public digital services using our proven technology and process frameworks.

“They were really easy to communicate with and able to take our layman ideas and make them work. They were there for us when we needed them. I am sure we haven’t been the easiest client; in fact we’ve been fairly challenging but they’ve always been open, friendly and honest.”

Susan McGee, Flexible Childcare Services Scotland

They were willing and wanted to run focus groups. They wanted to really understand the brief and what we're trying to achieve. What Ember offered was not only technology and content but flexibility as opposed to an off-the-shelf solution. They’ve been super, super helpful.

HSBC Brand Partner Manager

They demonstrated a lot of belief in what we were trying to achieve. They got behind our objectives and believed in them which gave us a lot of confidence that they were the right people to help us get to where we wanted to go. And that brought a lot of energy to the development of Aspire.

Neil Mathers, Children's University Scotland
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