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A software developer in front of screens of codeA software developer in front of screens of code

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We build, business-critical mobile and web applications using a wide range of open source and proprietary technology stacks as well as our own micro-service based code libraries and frameworks.

Our software development projects range from sector-disrupting digital businesses in a box & enterprise class platforms to business transformations & legacy system modernisations.

We have a wealth of application development experience including full service digital businesses, social networks, payment integrations, mapping & location based services, real-time messaging & notification, machine learning & AI based applications, iOS, Android, Flutter and Single Page Application (SPA) deployments.

Our ISO9001 certified Hybrid Agile process has been honed over years of project delivery to offer the benefits of agile delivery but with the certainty of on-time, within-budget delivery, and stringent risk management.

Whether you need to compliment the skills and experience of your existing technical team, deliver a special project with a multi-function external team, or you need a full scale technology partner to design, build and operate your entire digital service - we can help.

People sharing a desk working on software code
People sharing a desk working on software code

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Milestone or Embedded Team

If you need specialised skills for a single project or are looking for a full multi-disciplined team to deliver your digital transformation strategy and roadmap, we can tailor a delivery plan using our embedded or milestone delivery team formations.

Agile Development Sprints

Our cross-functional, multi-disciplinary teams are highly experienced in Agile and Lean techniques and can mobilise and scale rapidly to enhance your team. We’re flexible and committed to quality and we apply the highest standards in software development, design, documentation and communication for efficient delivery across your entire system lifecycle.

Micro Service/API Approach

We use secure microservices and common code libraries to develop cloud-native systems, while constructing single applications as a suite of discrete modular services. This approach helps us deliver massively scalable, extensible, complex software platforms with great efficiency.

System Integrations

A proven approach to tackling system integration development through Open Data, REST, JSON, XML ad SOAP technologies. Integrations range from being as simple as a middleware solution linking to APIs to draw in data feeds to complex more defined and extensible workflows, which involve seamless authentication and authorisation between systems.

Accessibility and ARIA

Accessibility is embedded at every stage of our project process. From user research and real world objectives to system use and design patterns, we have a comprehensive accessibility audit that conforms to WCAG2.1AA and ARIA attributes and is compliant with screen readers programs such as JAWS, NVDA, VoiceOver and TalkBack - aiding blind or partially sighted, motor or cognitive impaired users to use your digital products.

Code Audit/Code Review

Static Analysis code reviews are followed by Human Analysis code reviews where we concentrate on coding practices, design patterns and a full review of all libraries used. Full Security assessments against our own Secure Development Policies which include a Security test to audit existing libraries for version patch compliance.

Quality Assurance

As an ISO9001/27001 accredited supplier, Quality Assurance is built into our services at all stages, and we operate Secure Development policies with tailored QA services based on the specific requirements of clients and projects. We provide the following core testing services with: Functionality Testing, Usability Testing, Security Testing, Performance Testing, Responsive Mobile Testing, Compatibility Testing & Regression Testing

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