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Cloud infrastructure provides scalable, secure, and robust hosting environments that can help you to operate your software services with exceptional cost efficiency.

Ember develops native Cloud based solutions and can help you move existing services to a SaaS (Software as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service) or IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) model to make your online services more scalable accessible and cost effective.

We have extensive experience of deploying and supporting services over multiple geographical regions and in all of the major hosting environments including AWS, Oracle and Azure.

We use proven architectural principles and methodologies that take account of security, reliability, performance optimization and cost to ensure that you realise the full benefits of deploying in the cloud.

Whether it is future proofing your infrastructure investment or accelerating a project by building on the benefits of cloud deployment Ember can help guide you through the technical complexity to make sure your system is deployed in the most cost-effective way.

A woman working on her laptop next to a server room
A woman working on her laptop next to a server room

Services &

Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)

Our SRE processes transform the reliability and scalability of deployed Cloud services, by monitoring and self-correcting with 100% agility. We implement tailored service monitoring and performance evaluation, release management, configuration, and performance engineering processes ensuring your Cloud applications are seamlessly responsive to varying loads and peak conditions.


We implement best practice cloud-based cybersecurity with tried and tested disaster recovery, business information and security testing plans that address: Identity & Authentication, Network Security, Application Security Advanced Monitoring, Redundancy and Business Continuity objectives.

Cloud Data Migration

Migrating to the cloud reduces infrastructure costs while increasing delivery velocity and helps modernise your application technology stack. We migrate your data securely, with minimal impact to live services, helping you navigate this complex and often fragmented landscape.

Dev Ops

We operate DevOps best practices, well-structured and loosely coupled micro-services, properly designed Continuous Integration (CI)/Continuous Deployment (CD) pipelines and well-isolated environments. This mean that your applications are deployed with zero downtime, agile development, and within a secure environment.

Technical Support and Help Desk

Standardised and tailored 24x7 support services with in-application, online help desk, extended hours, and comprehensive monthly reports. We leverage a hybrid skills and tiered support model to resolve incidents, deploying specialist skilled resource to complete requests faster than the traditional escalated multi-tier support approach.

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