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Combining our expertise in data science, analysis, architecture, and engineering, we transform how organisations use their data. Informed decisions are fuelled by high-quality data-driven insights, but managing modern data complexities can be challenging. You might not fully understand the data you possess across your organization or its quality. Does this data have the right governance and assurance processes to enable confident, data-driven decisions?

Adopting a proactive data strategy can change this. We can help you enhance your data to get maximum value by utilising effective tools, processes and platforms. Our data engineering services include data cleansing, creating efficient data pipelines, and integrating Open Data sources to provide comprehensive data landscapes.

This approach reshapes how you can access, manage, and act on data and insights allowing you to extract valuable information and make decisions with confidence.

With enhanced data visibility and robust governance, our AI and Machine Learning services can help empower you to drive innovation into your organisation. Leveraging advanced algorithms and open AI models we can turn your data into a valuable asset that ensures your data works efficiently and effectively to support your strategic goals.


Services &

Data Engineering

Our services transform raw data into actionable insights using advanced ingestion, cleaning, and integration techniques. We build robust data pipelines, ensure data quality and governance, and employ scalable ETL frameworks, enabling efficient data management and informed decision-making.

Legacy Data Migration

Our migration services seamlessly transition your data from outdated systems to modern platforms. We ensure data integrity, quality, and security through meticulous planning, advanced ETL processes, and robust data governance, enabling smooth migration and continued business operations.

Data Discovery

During Discovery we work with you to uncover valuable insights within your data. In collaboration with you we will conduct thorough assessments to identify data sources, evaluate data quality, and understand data relationships. Our comprehensive approach includes co-design, co-creation, data profiling, metadata management, and data mapping, providing a clear roadmap for effective data utilisation and informed decision-making.

Data Management

Our services ensure your data is organised, secure, and accessible. We implement robust frameworks for data governance, quality control, and lifecycle management. Our offerings include data cataloguing, metadata management, and master data management, providing a single source of truth that supports accurate reporting and strategic decision-making.


Harness the power of artificial intelligence to drive innovation and efficiency in your organisation. We develop and deploy AI solutions tailored to your needs, including machine learning models, natural language processing, and predictive analytics. By integrating AI into your operations we enable data-driven decision-making, automate processes, and uncover valuable insights for strategic growth.

Open Data Standards

All our services leverage Open Data Standards to enhance data interoperability and accessibility. We implement widely accepted standards and protocols to ensure seamless data integration and sharing. By adopting Open Data Standards, we facilitate data transparency, improve collaboration, and enable easier transition of data between services.

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