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Pre-Discovery Workshop

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What is it?

UK and Scottish Government Digital Standards are excellent frameworks for assuring the successful adoption  and de-risked delivery of new or improved digital public services.  We have been immersed in Digital Standards since 2018 and believe that the framework offers tremendous benefits which we have fully adopted across all of our projects in all sectors. However, we still see some confusion and uncertainty in how to apply Digital Standards for best effect.

Our Pre-Discovery workshop is a rapid turn-around workshop service that helps public and third sector professionals prepare for the delivery of a public digital service under UK and Scottish Government Digital Service Standards. The service combines learning and knowledge transfer about the Digital Service Standards process with preparation support in the context of your specific project in order to assure the delivery of the most important phase - Discovery

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Realise the full benefits of the Digital Standards approach
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Prepare for a more effective tendering process
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Prepare for a highly effective and efficient Discovery phase
Deliver both business transformation and public service improvements simultaneously
Assure the delivery of your target business objectives
Ensure that citizens and stakeholders are involved in service design
Establish effective user groups and efficient engagement & co-design methodologies
Help services teams to provide better project definition
Assure compliance with Digital Standards
More effective support for service leads and project teams
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• Understand UK and Scottish Government Digital Service Standards frameworks

• Realise the full benefits of Digital Service Standards approaches

• Empower and upskill your team

• Plan for a highly effective and efficient Discovery Phase

• Target specific business transformation and service improvement objectives

• Understand how to engage service users and stakeholders in co-design

• Map your IT and business process landscape

• Identify and mitigate risks

• Deliver excellent, user centric digital experiences

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