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Digital Transformation is a constant process of change and renewal driven by innovation. In the private sector this is the source of competitive advantage. In the public sector this is about tackling the problems of society for a better future.

Our purpose is to help clients navigate transformation successfully and to deliver the impact they want to make.

Whether this is modernising existing digital infrastructure, streamlining business processes, stimulating behaviour change or enhancing user experiences - we combine research insights, design and technology with modern, agile development processes to get you there.

All of our services and processes align with UK Government(s) Digital Service Standard frameworks and are delivered in Discovery, Alpha, Beta and Live phasing. These can be delivered as stand alone phases, such as Discovery and Alpha research projects or as an entire system design, build and operate lifecycle.

Services &

User Needs

Helping our clients to develop a deep understanding of their customers' needs based on direct user research and validation of new digital propositions for maximum impact. We focus on understanding real life outcomes, perceptions and barriers to inform design decision making .

Legacy Application Modernisation

Auditing your legacy applications and data including source code review, refactoring and security risk assessment. Modernisation planning including replace or rebuild recommendations.

Digital Engagement Framework

Our PDS Technology Framework is a library of inter-operable and re-usable microservices, components, software modules and API's which have been developed, deployed, and re-used in many public applications under UK Digital Standards. We use this to deliver new public digital services with unprecedented speed and cost efficiency. Has been subject to external CREST certified penetration testing.

Service Transformation

Transforming services for improved outcomes and more engaging citizen facing digital services. Modernising and improving workflows, data transaction and support services, taking your staff and stakeholders on the journey with training and support.

UK Gov Digital Service Standards

Our phased processes for Digital Public Services alligns perfectly with the Discovery, Alpha, Beta and Live phases of UK Government Digital Service Standards supporting clients through an iterative, sure-footed delivery cycle of user research, prototyping, verification testing and deployment.

Service Migration

Service migration requires careful planning and management. We provide system security, data & network audits, business process mapping service migration & cutover planning, testing and execution, backup and legacy shutdown.

Technology Strategy

Whether it's proof of concept or responsive operation at scale, we guide our clients through the technology maze - helping them make cost effective technology decisions at each stage of the journey.

Digital Service Design

Understanding the human narratives that determine how things should work best and propelling this to the front of our service design thinking.

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