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CivTech 6

The Scottish Government wish to design and build an accessible, affordable and flexible system of school age childcare provision. Central to this is an understanding of the needs of parents and children in relation to the ability of the sector to supply against those needs which is a complex and multi faceted problem in acquiring and making sense of supply and demand data. Understanding supply & demand for school age childcare. Plenty statutory data. Not granular enough.

The Challenge

Although there are existing data sets associated with regulated childcare this is insufficient to support policy development. Specifically, there is insufficient data from unregulated activity providers and more vulnerable families. We worked in partnership with our client, Flexible Childcare Services Scotland, to develop an extension to the Careus proposition that would connect parents to service providers in a natural search process for childcare and children's activities. In doing so we would simultaneously surface the needs of parents for their children and otherwise hard to reach data and insights for Gov policy makers

Value add

Our concept was to discover childcare needs and supply side availability through a natural search process that seeks to match demand and supply for childcare and children's activities.

We began with Co-Design sessions for all stakeholders to get a deeper understanding of how to shape this basic proposition steering a careful course between providing a compelling service and GDPR.

We then sought to prove that data gathered from this process could be cleansed and combined with existing Government data sets such as SIMD, Funding Council Data and ONS to create meaninful data visualisations that would support the policy teams.


Successful CivTech project

Worked with Regulated, Unregulated, Parents, Scottish Gov Policy Units, Data Analysts to design & test a new proposition and data feed service that would surface insights, perceptions economic and cultural insights to support the development of policy.

The project is now in full implementation stage.

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