Supporting the development of Journey Hubs and improving transport in more rural areas

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The Challenge

Supporting the use of Mobility Hubs for multi-modal, public and sustainable transport

Mobility Hubs (or Journey Hubs) are a new concept in community infrastructure that provide a single point of access and connection to a wide variety of public transport options within the built environment of villages, towns and cities.

The Journey Hub concept is to provide a recognisable and easily accessible place which integrates different transport modes and supplements them with enhanced facilities, services and information aimed at encouraging more sustainable travel.

Our challenge was to integrate all available travel modes and information feeds related to the Journey Hub into one elegant compelling mobile app experience for users.

The Forth Rail Bridge from North Quensferry

What we did

Plan book and pay for door-to-door travel across all available modes.

GoSESTran is a Mobility as a Service (MaaS) App that supports the use of multi-modal transport infrastructure in local communities with the ability to plan book and pay for door-to-door travel across all available modes. 

The app includes real-time bus and train information, RGD compliant rail ticket purchase, Community Transport, Cycle & eBike Hire, Taxi and Car Hire and EV Charging station location and status. The app also supports personalised notifications, nudges, surveys, weather, toilet locations, carbon calculation and support for Low Emission Zones (LEZ’s).

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A red telephone box in an Edinburgh street


Improving the integration and reliability of transport in rural areas

GoSESTran is currently available in the South East of Scotland region with a particular focus on the Musselburgh Journey Hub. 

The project is aiming to contribute to the research and knowledge about how to improve the integration and reliability of transport, especially in rural areas and with an exciting DRT service coming soon.

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