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Digital technology is presenting a huge range of new opportunities to transform and improve the way that the citizens interact with public services. With that comes a range of challenges that include understanding what citizens want, securing personal information in public systems, modernising legacy infrastructure and ensuring accessibility for all.

Ember Technology was the first commercial supplier to deliver a new public digital service under the new Scottish Government Digital First Standard and has worked similarly with both central and local government across the UK.

We have processes and re-usable technology frameworks that allow us to deploy high-quality, fully compliant public digital services with exceptional efficiency and extended functionality at minimal additional cost.

With our unique capability in user research, co-design and co-creation and our friendly, approachable decorum we have an ability to reach and engage the wide spectrum of public users including even the most difficult to reach groups.

In addition to this, from our many decades of commercial innovation in the private sector, across gaming, retail technology financial services and entertainment, we have a flare for developing highly, innovative compelling and attractive digital propositions that citizens want to use while maintaining compliance with digital standards.

A busy street full of people
A busy street full of people

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UK Gov Digital Service Standards

Our phased processes for Digital Public Services aligns perfectly with the Discovery, Alpha, Beta and Live phases of UK Government Digital Service Standards supporting clients through an iterative,  sure footed delivery cycle of user research, prototyping, verification testing and deployment.


Outcome focused user research and co-design with service users and citizens from all backgrounds. Co-creation with stakeholders. Rapid service mapping including existing platforms and channel review for re-use, migration, and modernisation.

Service Transformation

Transforming services for improved outcomes and more engaging citizen facing digital services. Modernising and improving workflows, data transaction and support services. taking your staff and stakeholders on the journey with training and support.

Public Digital Service (PDS) Technology Framework

Our PDS Technology Framework is a library of inter-operable and re-usable microservices, components, software modules and API’s which have been developed, deployed, and re-used in many public applications under UK Digital Standards. We use this to delivery new public digital services with unprecedented speed and cost efficiency. Has been subject to external CREST certified penetration testing.


Accessibility needs discovery and user research. Accessibility built in approach to system design with re-usable, accessibility compliant components to WCAG 2.1AA standards including compliance with screen readers and assistive technologies. Direct user testing in Beta and Internal Accessibility Audit on each Live deployment.

Public Data Security

Identifying and managing your information risks and ensuring compliance with GDPR with a comprehensive DPIA process. Secure, flexible and scalable cloud hosting with proactive monitoring, vulnerability and cyber security scans and near- instantaneous disaster recovery for business continuity.

Legacy Application Modernisation

Auditing your legacy applications and data including source code review, refactoring and security risk assessment. Modernisation planning including replace or rebuild recommendations.

Service Migration

System, security, and network audit. Service and business process mapping. Migration & cutover planning, testing and execution. Backup and legacy shutdown.

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